Multi-standalone communication

Viktoras Didziulis viktoras at
Sat Dec 9 04:53:40 EST 2006

Just wondering whether it would be possible/feasible to construct a feature
(or maybe to bugzillae a feature request) of revolution engine, (or maybe a
module or external), that would make different instances of rev engine
running on same machine seeing each other and sharing their global variables
 Maybe such a module/feature could initially be implemented using sockets or
environment variables or shared memory buffer for storing global values...
The attractive side would be that if you declare global vComm in both
instances of application, then the vComm will have same value in all. Hmmm,
my 2 cnts... 
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From: Jim Ault 
Date: 12/9/2006 3:04:21 AM 
To: How to use Revolution 
Subject: Re: Multi-standalone communication 
On 12/8/06 4:40 PM, "Jesse Sng" <jsng at> wrote: 
> I've only been skimming through this discussion, but IF you are only 
> running on the Mac, you might want to try using AppleEvents to 
> communicate between the 2 apps in a peer to peer manner. 
> You can design specific AE messages to mean certain things and then 
> have the receiving app take appropriate action. You are able also to 
> pass parameters and it need be, even have these 2 apps work across 
> the network on different machines. 
> I haven't had a chance to attempt all this on OS X, but since 
> AppleEvents have been migrated over, it should pretty much just work 
> with some minor modifications. 
> Years back, I was able to even have this work across a LAN bridge 
> that used a modem so that I could remotely control apps that were on 
> a large fibre network, all from the comfort of home. 
Since you brought it up, I will say that the previous message I send was 
describing 4 apps I am running on a Mac Mini Duo Intel processor with a 
clean system, except for Timbuktu running constantly. 
In my case, Applescript would be far too slow, since my messaging can be as 
many as 6-10 packets per second between the data service provider, 4 Rev 
apps local, and 6 Rev apps remote (and 3 of the remote apps are running on 
Two of the apps are running on the other side of the Atlantic on a Mac Mini 
Very smooth and I believe I have a lot of capacity to handle more traffic on

all the computers. 
I am not an Applescript expert, but I cannot imagine any of my Applescripts 
keeping up such a pace, day after day, without failure. 
Glad you chimed in. 
Jim Ault 
Las Vegas 
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