OT: Would I need a content management system for this?

Dan Shafer dan at shafermedia.com
Fri Dec 8 13:41:26 EST 2006

You would certanly not need a full-blown CMS for these tasks, but your
question makes me wonder if you've perhaps taken a bit of a wrong-headed
approach to what a CMS can do for you. Drupal, Joomlia, Plone, and a number
of other such products don't only make it easier to permit people with
little or no HTML coding experience to maintain certain aspects of a Web
site, they also contain a bunch of built-in, tightly integrated modules that
streamline and facilitate other functionality.

Drupal is, at least in my experience, almost ridiculously easy to implement,
customize and maintain and would give you either out of the box or in add-in
modules all of the functionality you've listed here with little or no actual
programming. The same can be said of the other open source CMS solutions.

What I think I'm trying to say is that when I advise clients these days on
the design and implementation of Web sites that are more than just
brochureware, I encourage them to begin with a decent open source CMS and
only move outside of it if there's some essential functionality they can't
otherwise get.

At least that's my 11 cents' worth. (Price of opinions has to keep pace with
inflation, you know.)


On 12/8/06, RGould8 at aol.com <RGould8 at aol.com> wrote:
> Say, if I wanted to create a web-site that supports the following
> functionality, would I need a full-blown content management system like
> Drupal or
> Joomla!, or could I get away with something simpler like Contribute and
> some
> open-source modules?
> Needed features:
> 1)   Message boards
> 2)   Local search (searching through past articles that were displayed on
> the
> site)
> 3)   Video streaming
> 4)   Filtered rostering
> 5)   Ability to allow 5-6 editors to update text/pictures on certain pages
> of
> the site.
> We're not talking a high-bandwidth site here either - - - could be 800
> hits a
> day, for a non-profit.
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