Getting a Random Seed for the Random Number Generator

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Fri Dec 8 08:43:53 EST 2006

Hi Dave,

Does setting the randomseed when appropriate would be enough for your  

Use the randomSeed property to ensure greater randomness when  
generating random numbers.
The randomSeed property is an integer.
Changing the randomSeed property changes the pseudorandom numbers  
generated by the random function and used by the any keyword. Using  
the same seed creates the same sequence of pseudorandom values.
For example, if you call the random function five times to generate a  
list of five numbers, then change the randomSeed to another value,  
the next five calls to the random function will produce a different  
list of five numbers. However, if you set the randomSeed back to its  
original value and call the random function five more times, the list  
of five numbers is the same as the first list you generated.

Revolution uses a new randomSeed every time the application is  
started up.

Le 8 déc. 06 à 14:33, Dave a écrit :

> Hi All,
> Anyone have any tricks for generating a random seed in RunRev?
> Thanks a lot,
> All the Best
> Dave

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