private handlers in a public library

Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Dec 7 13:37:47 EST 2006

On Dec 7, 2006, at 12:25 AM, Dick Kriesel wrote:
>> You might be interested in feature request 1443 listed in Bugzilla.
> "Zarro Boogs found."  I wonder why an old bug number's data would  
> disappear.

It's a conspiracy!

Actually, this is probably the strange default for "Status".  The  
default for "Status" does not include Unconfirmed, which half of the  
Enhancements are.  (Revzilla probably fixes this, but it has been on  
my list for two years and my list is 3 years long, so I don't know  
what it does--something to do with bugs.)

So, in Bugzilla, select all of the status, put in the bug number for  
"Only include bugs numbered", and then whack Search.  (Maybe you  
should just click it, you don't want to knock the button off the page.)


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