Revolution and the Web, focus on IDE Add-ons

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Wed Dec 6 17:35:54 EST 2006

Hello folks,

I've seen my little topic grew to the point of not being related to the thing I had in mind anymore. People here talking about morfik and about engine changes, I want again to try to focus on what can be done now by a group of volunteers by using nothing but revolution ide add-ons... no externals, no engine changes, no third party technologies (except maybe xsltproc which is standard on unix machines).

Let us try to focus on a tool that picks a given stack, process it and exposes user selected methods as a RPC endpoint. The RPC system should be simple enough so that we can implement the other side of it in javascript. This alone will greatly help what we're doing. We're babies on web development, let us take baby steps.

Objective of this first phase:

* Create a Remote Procedure Call system that is able to expose revolution handlers or functions as something accesible by a networked client. Implement this as a selfcontained library, no magic stuff, just plain code. (possibly REST inspired)
* Create a plugin thing to help with the RPC code, maybe allowing you to select methods on the topstack to be exposed and thus having the tool write the stubs for it.
* Create the javascript library to access that RPC system.
* Create a tool that writes glue code to match revolution exposed methods to javascript methods thus hiding the RPC side from the developer.

I think those are reasonable objectives for a first experiment, what people here think?


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