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Tereza Snyder tereza at
Wed Dec 6 11:30:12 EST 2006

On Dec 6, 2006, at 2:25 AM, Jan Sælid wrote:

> 6. desember 2006 06:30, you wrote
>> If all the buttons do is signal a state change that will be acted on
>> later, I would put the following script in the group:
> Fantistical,
> Not only did you help me out - you threw in some lessons too. I'm
> enlightened and my head is in order. What an absolutely tremendous  
> reply.
> Big handshake,

You're welcome! Normally I'm so slow on the uptake that by the time I  
type in a reply to anyone, there are already five responses on the  
list. Last night the speedy answer guys must have been busy (or asleep).

After I sent off my reply, though, I thought of one more bit of info.  
You could avoid having the script in the group ("set the hilite of  
the target to not the hilite of the target") by using checkbox  
buttons to start with, because checkboxes inherently toggle hilites.  
Therefore, set their icon properties and leave their autohilite true.  
You can deal with the button names by hiding them (set their showName  
to false) or working with their textAlign property and margins.

Glad to help,


Tereza Snyder

    Califex Software, Inc.

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