slide with multiples of x?

Peter T. Evensen pevensen at
Tue Dec 5 16:49:35 EST 2006


How does that make you go by 20s?

I want the slider to go from 0 to 100 by 20s, so if you have the slider at 
position 25, it will snap back to 20.   Am I missing something?

At 03:45 PM 12/5/2006, you wrote:
>Hi Peter,
>You can achieve your goal more easily with a oneliner:
>on mouseUp
>   set the thumbPos of me to the thumbPos of me
>end mouseUp
>Best Regards from Paris,
>Eric Chatonet
>Le 5 déc. 06 à 22:35, Peter T. Evensen a écrit :
>>Hi Eric,
>>Thanks for the pointer.  The one key I was missing is
>>scrollbarDrag.  I didn't know about that message.
>>I implemented my own scrollbar value indicator that I move.
>>Here's what I wound up with in my script.  I haven't tried this on
>>the Mac yet.  I don't like the hard-coded numbers; the might not
>>work on the Mac.  I'll have to think to see if I can come up with
>>anything better.
>>on mouseUp
>>   set the thumbposition of me to NearestThumbPos(the thumbposition
>>of me)
>>   AdjustLabelPosition
>>end mouseUp
>>on scrollbarDrag
>>   lock screen
>>   AdjustLabelPosition
>>   unlock screen
>>end scrollbarDrag
>>function NearestThumbPos pPos
>>   put pPos div 20 into tNumTwenties
>>   put pPos mod 20 into tRemainder
>>   if tRemainder >= 10 then
>>     add 1 to tNumTwenties
>>   end if
>>   return 20 * tNumTwenties
>>end NearestThumbPos
>>on AdjustLabelPosition
>>   put the thumbposition of me into tPos
>>   put NearestThumbPos(the thumbposition of me) into field "Thumb Pos"
>>   put (the width of me - 12) / the endValue of me into tPixelsPerValue
>>   put the left of me + 6 + tPixelsPerValue * tPos into tThumbLoc
>>   put the loc of field "Thumb Pos" into tFieldLoc
>>   put tThumbLoc into item 1 of tFieldLoc
>>   set the loc of field "Thumb Pos" to tFieldLoc
>>end AdjustLabelPosition
>>At 02:46 PM 12/5/2006, you wrote:
>>>Hi Peter,
>>>The "How to Manage "Snap to" Scrollbars" tutorial might help you:
>>>How to manage a slider snap-to behavior to make sure that the
>>>indicator lines up with the ticks especially on Mac OS X.
>>>You will access this tutorial through "Tutorials Picker" a free
>>>plugin that interfaces with the So Smart Software website in order to
>>>display all available tutorials stacks directly from the web.
>>>You will find it by going to
>>>Revolution/Plugins or Tutorials section.
>>>Le 5 déc. 06 à 21:43, Peter T. Evensen a écrit :
>>>>Is there a built-in way to create a slider that only stops at
>>>>increments of x (e.g., of 20, from 0 to 100, so 0, 20, 40, 60, 80,
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