slide with multiples of x?

Peter T. Evensen pevensen at
Tue Dec 5 16:35:55 EST 2006

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the pointer.  The one key I was missing is scrollbarDrag.  I 
didn't know about that message.

I implemented my own scrollbar value indicator that I move.    Here's what 
I wound up with in my script.  I haven't tried this on the Mac yet.  I 
don't like the hard-coded numbers; the might not work on the Mac.  I'll 
have to think to see if I can come up with anything better.

on mouseUp
   set the thumbposition of me to NearestThumbPos(the thumbposition of me)
end mouseUp

on scrollbarDrag
   lock screen
   unlock screen
end scrollbarDrag

function NearestThumbPos pPos
   put pPos div 20 into tNumTwenties
   put pPos mod 20 into tRemainder
   if tRemainder >= 10 then
     add 1 to tNumTwenties
   end if
   return 20 * tNumTwenties
end NearestThumbPos

on AdjustLabelPosition
   put the thumbposition of me into tPos
   put NearestThumbPos(the thumbposition of me) into field "Thumb Pos"
   put (the width of me - 12) / the endValue of me into tPixelsPerValue
   put the left of me + 6 + tPixelsPerValue * tPos into tThumbLoc
   put the loc of field "Thumb Pos" into tFieldLoc
   put tThumbLoc into item 1 of tFieldLoc
   set the loc of field "Thumb Pos" to tFieldLoc
end AdjustLabelPosition

At 02:46 PM 12/5/2006, you wrote:
>Hi Peter,
>The "How to Manage "Snap to" Scrollbars" tutorial might help you:
>How to manage a slider snap-to behavior to make sure that the
>indicator lines up with the ticks especially on Mac OS X.
>You will access this tutorial through "Tutorials Picker" a free
>plugin that interfaces with the So Smart Software website in order to
>display all available tutorials stacks directly from the web.
>You will find it by going to
>Revolution/Plugins or Tutorials section.
>Le 5 déc. 06 à 21:43, Peter T. Evensen a écrit :
>>Is there a built-in way to create a slider that only stops at
>>increments of x (e.g., of 20, from 0 to 100, so 0, 20, 40, 60, 80,
>Best Regards from Paris,
>Eric Chatonet
>    eric.chatonet at
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