Thank you for all of the help

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Tue Dec 5 13:34:53 EST 2006

Hi Ben,

Heartwarming :-)
That's the purpose of this list to help all: advanced users or  
We wait for your next posts ;-)

Le 5 déc. 06 à 19:28, Ben Bock a écrit :

> I wanted to say a heartfelt "Thank You" for the good-hearted  
> support, sharp advice and incredibly instructive sample scripts,  
> links, and trouble-shooting I received from the participants on  
> this list.  I completed a doctoral dissertation standalone ~36  
> stack Rev program in episodic eyewitness memory that administers,  
> scores, and stores information from 25 separate questionnaires and  
> psych tests and 5 video clips, and totals 88 MB in size.  It runs  
> smoothly and cleanly.  Clerical errors should be nonexistant.  It  
> is divisible into components for follow-up research.  The early  
> scripts were bulky but functional, and the later scripts were lean  
> and mean.
> It would have cost me many thousands of dollars to have someone  
> make it for me, and probably would not have been right.
> I was especially helped by: David Bergun, Mark Chia, Eric Chatonet,  
> Jim Ault, Sarah Reichelt, Klaus Major, Dennis Brown, Phil Davis,  
> Robert Brenstein, Ken Ray, Rob Cozens, J. Landman Gay and a few  
> others whose names I've lost.
> As I scroll through all my stored emails and clips from the user  
> list, I see how much was built upon the help from these people.
> Thank you, and Best Regards,
> Ben Bock

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet
----------------------    eric.chatonet at

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