Convert Date Question

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Dec 4 11:52:22 EST 2006


> I'm trying to get the system date broken up into 3 variables.  Year,
> Month, Date.  I'm trying
> put the Date into it
>   convert it to dateItems
>   answer it

### IT contains "OK" now, the name of the button you clicked in the  
dialog :-)
### Just put the items into the variables BEFORE you "answer it" and  
you're safe...

>   put item 1 of it into TYear
>   put item 2  of it into TMonth
>   put char 3 of it into TDay
>   answer TYear
>   answer TMonth
>   answer TDay
> I get an 2006,12,4,2,0,0,2 for the first answer then I get an "OK"  
> then
> answer that are empty.  Can someone please tell me where I'm erroring.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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