Bizarre? Group id = 0???

David Bovill david at
Sun Dec 3 20:08:30 EST 2006

I am trying to track down a bug in some complex geometry managment -
basically the wrong object is being moved. It works fine when you are on the
card but when you are on anothr card - the wrong object gets moved.

I am being very careful with how I refer to the objects and name them, and
hav been trying to track this bug down for a couple of hours so help

The only clue I have got at the moment is that in the debugger I get an id
reference that looks like:

  group id 0 of group id 2283 of group id 1231 of group id 1275 of card id
1002 of stack...

Now there is no such id naturally, I am refering to these groups using an
abstraction as follows:

getprop date_Record
    return the long id of group "_dateCreated" of me
end date_Record

Which has never caused any problems before. Has anyone come across a similar

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