How to fill out Database Query Builder fields

Reinhold Venzl-Schubert R.Venzl-Schubert at
Sat Dec 2 18:14:10 EST 2006


I need some help in filling out the Database Query Builder correctly.

This script connects my stack to my database:

put revdb_connect("sqlite3","TestDB.db",,,,,"schubert at t-","") into tConID

Therefore I filled out in that way:

Name:		Fragen
Type:		altSQLite3
Host:		/Users/rvs/Documents/5-Fächer-Lernprogramm/5FLK-Rev SLQ
Database:	TestDB
User:		schubert at

When I try  to connect I get this error message:

There was an error in connecting to the
database. Please check that the connection
fields are correct.
Revdb error: revdberr, invalid database type

Where is the mistake?

I got this message before I updated altSQLite3 to the Universal  
Binary Version (for IntelMac)
May it be that the QueryBuilder do not work with the UB Version?


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