Revolution and the Web, feedback wanted, Part 1 of 3

Mikey mikeythek at
Fri Dec 1 23:33:32 EST 2006

> but maybe the distinction is that GWT is in fact
> more of a low-level tool then Morfik which is more RAD-oriented. I
> can buy that.
That's the point I'm trying to make.  It isn't that it's a bad thing.
I use text editors to work on HTML, CSS etc. files, and I use RAD
tools to build pages.  It doesn't make one any better than the other,
but they aren't similar.

> I'm just commenting on the speculation that Google actually either a)
> stole their IP, or actually b) licensed the technology directly. Hey
> it's all speculation. All that is for sure is that Morfik is trying
> to patent their JWT technology, and much of the tech community sees
> it as frivolous and possibly desperate to keep Google out of the game.
That could be, but as the discussion you pointed out mentioned, GWT
didn't come out until six months after the Google guys were at
Morfik's demo at the Web 2.0 conference last year.  I believe that is
admissible as evidence at trial if Morfik is indeed granted the patent
they applied for.

> Neither of use know if there actually will be any lawsuits, or what
> relation exactly the technology has. But obviously a lot of people DO
> see them as competitors with similar technology. Are you telling me
> now that iPods and other MP3 players aren't actually similar products?
As a person who has owned several, that's exactly what I'm saying.
The fact that both play music, and both have either flash or mini hard
drives does not make them similar.  The market seems to agree.

> Sounds good. After much digging, you can find some vague references
> on the site to Linux and MacOS options in the future. Looks to me
> like Morfik really needs to improve the information on their site.
> It's nearly impossible to find any clear information, or else I'm
> just blind. And I'm not the only one- there are references all over
> the net to people turned off by the Windows-only appearance.
Are you in the Pioneers program?  If you were then you would already
have access to all of this.  By the way, I didn't mean to spring this
on anyone, but I checked earlier this evening on the cross-platform
issues, so a) Safari is listed as a bug, and is in the to-do list b)
OSX binary is listed as a bug and is in the to-do list, and the Linux
compatibility issue listed as "lab test", whatever that means.  I
can't tell you more since I'm not on the inside.

> So, the truth does sound much better to me. Totally improves my view
> of the product. If you're in their program, you might mention that
> people are having trouble figuring this stuff out from their website.
> Too many buzz words and no straight information!
I agree that the vocabulary is difficult.  Both they and Google throw
around the word "Compiler" in a way that is completely unfamiliar to
me, and I've written a couple (for example).

Bringing all of this back to the original discussion, I would really
like to see RR establish some sort of AJAX functionality, and not with
a bunch of strap-on external puppies either.  However I'm afraid that
will be a couple of years down the road first.
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