Passing Values to RunRev from an AppleScript

Ken Ray kray at
Fri Dec 1 13:47:58 EST 2006

On 12/1/06 11:59 AM, "Mark Schonewille" <m.schonewille at>

> Hi Dave,
> This is very easy:
> tell application "Whatever"
>    -- do stuff here
>    set myRslt to "A Value"
> end tell
> return myRslt
> If you keep this script in a variable myScript, you retrieve the
> variable result from the AppleScript script in the following way:
> do myScript as AppleScript
> put the result
> Above script puts "A Value" into the message box.

Yes, but the problem is, Mark, the Dave wanted a result back *in the middle*
of running an AppleScript, not at the end... a bit more problematic...

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