[ANN] PingPop - made with 3rd party tools

Scott Morrow scott at elementarysoftware.com
Fri Dec 1 08:15:35 EST 2006

I just posted a freeware game called PingPop.  (A proof-of-concept  
that got out of hand.)  What just struck me was the number of 3rd  
party Made-With-Rev tools that I used while creating it.  The  
scripting makes heavy use of Malte Brill's  ArcadeEngine2. It was  
edited using Jerry Daniels' Galaxy with assistance from several Chipp  
Walters plug-ins. The audio comes from Scott Rossi's tm|audio  
collection.  And the Windows installer is created with InstallGadget  
by Monte Goulding.  Without this list I would probably have been  
unaware of these great tools.

And if you need to waste a few minutes, check out the game.  < http:// 
elementarysoftware.com/pingpop >

-Scott Morrow

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(Now with 20% less chalk dust !)
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