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Fri Dec 1 07:43:07 EST 2006

Holá everybody

As a new member of the RunRev users I try to learn for buildng up a running Aplication. I´m using the actual Studio-version

Since 3 weeks now I try to find out, how to get a field from a MySQL-Database into a variable without any success. Now I ask anybody of you to give me a helpfull hand.

What I do is:
Put rev_dbconnect ("mySQL", "localhost", "mytest_DB", "root",) into DB_ID
put revQueryDatabase (DB_ID, "SELECT * from Table_1 where Number = 2") into var_1 ## Number is the first Field in the Table Table_1 which is ok
Put revCurrentRecord (var_1) into var_2 ## Var_2 is always 0 (Zero) doesn´t matter which Number I select. Why???

Now I think next would be:
put field_2 into Variable_1 ## field_2 is a field in the DB

But that does not work.

Please, for you it´s just a moment for me sonce now hours and days to solve this problem

Thank you in advanced

Horst Peters

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