Detecting height of dock and taskbar

Lynch, Jonathan bnz2 at
Thu Sep 29 17:32:35 EDT 2005

Is that API call available through VBscrpt?

If so, one could use cscript.exe from Rev to get the info.

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Nope, sorry Richard, it can't be obtained correctly from the registry. I

know, I've tried. There's a specific API call for it. See:

Also, unfortunately, the RevIDE resets the windowBoundingRect on 
startup, so one is not able to get the true value within the IDE.

But, I've found it's pretty easy in a standalone to 'popup' windows 
above the taskbar by checking the windowBoundingRect on startup.



Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Fortunately on Mac it's a fixed size, and on Win can be obtained from 
> the registry.

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