restart computer from within Rev

Chris Sheffield revlist at
Thu Sep 29 15:02:43 EDT 2005

Well, since I can't get my little Unix script working like I want, it  
may be necessary for me to force a reboot at the end of my  
installer.  When the computer starts up again it'll run a script that  
is placed in StartupItems.  And this script seems to work fine for  
running the process as the root user.  Not sure how or why, since  
there's not really anything special there.

Anyway, I thought I remembered seeing a command/function in Rev that  
will let you do this, but now I'm not finding it in the docs.  Does  
anyone know if there is one?  If not, can I do this with  
AppleScript.  If so, that would probably work for me too.


Chris Sheffield
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The Fluency Company

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