Tough revprocessing question

MisterX b.xavier at
Thu Sep 29 11:23:30 EDT 2005

> >I have a solution... Testing the easiest...
> >
> >if you insert in your loops a casual
> >
> > wait for 1 millisecond with messages
> >
> >it will give rev breating time! 
> >  

 Well, I thought I had it but no... rev CRASHES nearly each time
after running or being user-interupted.

I tried 0 or 1 milliseconds and the result is the same...

Symptoms: Everything works, no pending messages, but the stack 
where my script ran, is completely blocked. Ahem, the pointer
mode works but the browsing is blocked by an invisible way and
no controls respond - refresh is ok though...

Saving the stack or closing it just crashes rev... Sometimes
even just clicking in the stack brings rev down to. 

No breakpoints involved...

If anyone has seen this, I would much appreciate any feedback...


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