Anyone have any experience of CPlat???

David Burgun dburgun at
Thu Sep 29 10:39:13 EDT 2005

>On 9/29/05 5:42 PM, "David Burgun" <dburgun at> wrote:
>>  You don't have to convince me! I am convinced and have been since the
>>  day I first started to Rev! I have to do this to give a well balanced
>>  case to my manager. We have already decided to use it for a number of
>>  projects (thanks to the help of the wonderful Rev'ers on this list),
>>  but the worry is that Rev won't be able to hack it for *every*
>>  project we *might* want to do and so we are looking at other
>>  solutions.
>If you are not strong C++ developer then why bother self with C++ ???
>Use Revolution, or REALbasic, or Visual BASIC.
>C++ is C++. RAD tools are RAD tools...
>Each solve own tasks. Do not compare them.
>And do not forget RAD tools are made with C++ mostly. :-)

I've been coding in C/C++ for over 20 years!!!!!

I have to compare them cos I've been asked to by my manager!

Just wanted to know other people's experiences is all, I'm writing a report.

Thanks a lot

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