Folder Action opens Rev stack on OSX?

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Sep 27 06:32:59 EDT 2005

Hi David,

sorry for chiming in a bit late...

> I want to have AppleScript watch a folder so that when a video file  
> is dropped into the folder a
> Rev stack is opened which displays the video file in a player. Is  
> that asking too much :)

Sure! :-D

Please remember that Rev can be scripted by ApplScript, too!
(In case your Rev app is already running...)

You can start a script with:
do script "name of script"

But it looks like Rev does NOT support AppleScript in the latest  

When you "Open dictionary" from the "Apple Script Editor" Rev does  
NOT show any dictionary?!
But Metacard (SAME engine) does!!??

This has been here on the list some time ago, but no comment from  
Scrotland yet.

Is this a bug?
Or does it work, even if Rev does NOT show a (Apple Script)  
No time to test it by myself right now...


Klaus Major
klaus at

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