FW: RE: FTP Upload QUIT ???

kevin at stallibrass.com kevin at stallibrass.com
Mon Sep 26 04:19:09 EDT 2005

Well, I've now tried my script using a different webhost and the same thing
happens. The first image goes up successfully, then everything fails with
the same problem as before. 
When the image tries to load and fails, the ftp connection is not closed.
This led to a rapid "maximum ftp client" message from the second webhost. 
The problem must be something I'm doing in REV.
my script is:
export image "image1" to file "C:/image1.gif" as GIF 

put "ftp:// name : pass @ myhost /image1.gif" into myURL

put "c:/image1.gif" into myFile 

put url ("binfile:" & myFile) into tImageData 

if length(tImageData) is 0 then

answer "no data"


libUrlFtpUpload tImageData, myURL,"uploadDone"

end if

Is anyone out there able to change an image on a web server using ftp ? What
am I doing wrong?
FTP Log:
220 ProFTPD 1.3.0rc2 Server (Main FTP Server) [] USER wash1
331 Password required for wash1. PASS <password> 
230 User wash1 logged in. 257 "/" is current directory. TYPE I 200 Type set
227 Entering Passive Mode (8,3,8,106,14,49). STOR /image1.gif 
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for /image1.gif QUIT
221 Goodbye
Note there is no "Transfer complete" message.
Thhere is no problem uploading text files, only images.....
Now getting desperate...
Kevin Stallibrass

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