Sound formats

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sun Sep 25 17:15:19 EDT 2005

>The result is that some playback venues simply won't recognize some 
>WAV files, because of those shaded differences from what you might 
>call a 'standard' WAV file (not entirely sure there actually _is_ 
>such a thing anymore)..

Standard Enough for the AES, the EBU and the library of congress, I guess:

and video guys:

not to mention pro audio:

technical detail of the format:

>Example: I needed a particular very broad string orchestra synth 
>sound for my Roland SPD-S synth pad (which loads WAV files as well 
>as sampled clips), to use in a Easter Contata concert (along with a 
>plethora of real instrumentation) looking for a very effective 
>overall final result that would work. I transferred a Melody 
>Assistant file into GarageBand so I could use the effects AU's to 
>get exactly the sound I wanted, which, of course, creates an AIFF 
>file, then passed through Sound Converter to make it into a WAV.

Sound converter? Isn't that REALLY old? How about Bababatch? How 
about In and out of PRO TOOLS, MOTU. LOGIC or some modern DAW 

I'd blame the tools you were using before I'd blame the format in 
general, especially if they're older than 3 years. I agree that 
probably among the zillion PC based DAWs there might be some file 
hacks,  but the big guys like Digidesign and the Broadcast folks not 
to mention the AES won't let that happen.

>It took maybe 15 -20 tries to get the Roland to recognize the files. 
>Eventually, after rebuilding the files in different sequences, 
>trying several different renaming techniques, a few different types 
>of WAV files, etc., I eventually got it  to work.
>Ken N.

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