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Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sun Sep 25 17:00:18 EDT 2005

Sorry, Scott - All CDs are 44.1k
Only DAWs,DATs and DV cameras use 48k. A 48k CD could be made but no 
player could play it. Masterlinks can make a 96k CD but it won't play 
long and only on Masterlinks. DVD's have no such limits and can use 
rates up to 192k (stereo, with nothing else on the disk!).

Get this: 44.1 was arrived at because in the beginning, the entire 
process revolved around the standard video deck at the time, the 3/4" 
U-Matic video cassette recorder, which was used for recording, 
editing and mastering. For whatever video reasons, clock frequency 
division, etc relied on the 3.58MHz. color burst in these decks, 
which divided cleanly down to 44.1k. In fact up until recently the CD 
plants would only accept a properly prepared 3/4" cassette for 

Today "CD Quality" to me is an oxymoron, like "Millitary 
Intelligence" or the one-word oxymoron "Management".

>Recently, Stephen Barncard  wrote:
>>  44.1/16 bit < is > CD quality.
>For all intents and purposes you are right, although I believe "technically"
>48K is considered actual CD quality.
>Scott Rossi

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