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Mark Smith masmit at
Sat Sep 24 12:35:47 EDT 2005

1. That's probably just a normal default translation from HC to rev  
thing. You can change it in the property inspector for the field in  
question, or by script from the message box : set the borderWidth of  
fld "myField" to (number of pixels).

2. Focus, in this case indicates a selection ie. if you have clicked  
on a field, or are typing into it, it will be the object 'in focus'.  
The focus border is an extra border drawn around the field when it is  
in focus, and you can make a field unfocusable or focusable (again,  
look in the property inspector). Typically, a label field would be  
unfocusable. Slightly confusingly, the actual property is  
'traversalOn', so you might 'set the traversalOn of fld "myField" to  
true or false' when you want to change this property.

Since I guess you're coming from HC, i'd just say, as someone who  
also made that transition, that while some things in Rev can be  
confusing and frustrating for the experienced HC'er, the extra power,  
speed and sheer breadth of Rev easily make it worth losing a little  
hair for.

Good luck!


On 24 Sep 2005, at 16:29, AbilityForms at wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Here are probably some dumb questions.
> 1. Why is there a fatter border around one of the fields in my  
> previous HC
> stack? How do I eliminate the extra width?
> 2. What does focus border and focusable mean?
> Joe, Orlando Florida
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