Paradigma Software Releases Valentina 2 for Revolution

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Fri Sep 23 14:53:27 EDT 2005

> Is there an example stack like the one for SQLite that we can 
> try? I think a link to that demo would be a nice post for 
> this mailing list.

There currently isnt a single stack like the Alt example stack, but a group
of stacks which demonstrate how to access various functions of Valentina 2,
including network functionality. These examples are in the downloadable
archives on

Right now we are exploring something that is a little more polished. These
demonstrate core concepts that any user of a Valentina solution should know,
so they have equivalents as to what a Director or REALbasic developer would
want or need to know as well. Id be interested in feedback in what you'd
like to see more of.

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Paradigma Software, Inc

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