A couple of 'creating games' Qs

Eva Isotalo tinylady at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 05:45:39 EDT 2005

Hi everybody,

I am new here and am not a Revolution user yet. But I am using MetaCard 
and used to be on the MC list long time ago. Don't think anyone remember 
me though. :o)

Before eventually getting involved with Revolution I need a little 
clarification. It has to do with game development.

1. Can Revolution handle a multi player environment?
Up to 20 players would be enough for my needs. Keeping connection 
between cards and stacks. Sending information between 
clients/server/clients. I have red some tuts on handeling databases 
which gives a hint it ought to work.

2. Can one have a scrolling screen?
The card is larger than the visible play area. Character stays in the 
middle while the rest is scrolling.

I want to send a thank you to Malte Brill for an excellent tutorial and 
work on the Arcade engine.
It made me curious if Revolution may be of use to us again.

Eva Isotalo

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