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SimPLsol at SimPLsol at
Thu Sep 22 22:14:26 EDT 2005

It took me 18 months to straighten out the menus in my stacks (this while 
reading the docs, Dan's book, notes on this forum - I also consulted some to the 
best brains in the Rev world). In the end the solution is simple:
1. Build menus on a stack before adding cards. If the stack has cards, build 
the menus on a new one-card stack and import the data
2. Do not put the menu group inside another group (like the usual background 
group). Also do not put the background group inside the menu group (yes, this 
IS possible).
Geoff Canyon's Navigator plugin is essential for sorting out all of this.
How many potential users have we lost because of this ongoing menu madness?
Paul Looney

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