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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Sep 22 22:04:57 EDT 2005

J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> Don't add the menu group to the regular background group - trust me, 
>> much misery.
> What happens? Just curious, I've never tried it.

Once you turn off the editMenus the bottom of the menu group is used to 
determine where the stack's crop-and-scroll takes place to hide the 
menubar on Mac OS.

The engine apparently presumes the menu group will always be a separate 
group, so if the menu group is inside another group and that enclosing 
group fills the card, the bottom of that enclosing group is the bounds 
for the crop-and-scroll and so the card is reduced to just the title bar.

This can only be done by explicit user actions and is easily avoidable, 
but for completeness should probably be BZ'd anyway, with perhaps a 
caveat added to the docs not to do that.

It seems reasonable to me that a person would attempt to put a menu 
group within a background group of an imported HC stack to automatically 
have their menu group on all cards without having to do a "place" on 
each.  I believe that's what Paul was doing at the time, and to prevent 
others from walking down the same confusing road a little footnote in 
the docs would help.

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