Building Standalones with Panther/Tiger

Peter Reid preid at
Thu Sep 22 19:36:03 EDT 2005

>I have seen this before and it is a permissions problem caused (as
>Malte suggests) by copying an uncompressed app from one computer to
>another. The system version has nothing to do with it as far as I
>know. Panther & Tiger both have built-in compression. Right-click
>(control-click) on the application and choose "Create archive..." to
>make a zip file that can easily be transferred.

Interesting!  I just connected From my Tiger-PowerMac to my 
Panther-PowerBook over my network and created a zip archive using the 
OS X built-in facility, then dragged it to a folder on my 
Tiger-PowerMac, unzipped it and it worked!

Is this a Mac OS X thing or a Rev thing?  I haven't seen this 
behaviour with other software I move by dragging across a network 

When both the PowerMac and PowerBook were Panther, I don't think I 
saw this problem with Rev either??


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