Clipboard madness

MisterX b.xavier at
Thu Sep 22 13:46:27 EDT 2005

I identified the real problem with this clipboard problem...

again, doing rev's beta tester's job...

Who-ever wrote the html compatibility code in rev should be wipped like a
petach d'mes deux!

put the clipboarddata["text"] -- contains the right information


put clipboarddata["html"] -- is definitely wrong and should not be

Yet another case of the RevHTMLtranslation going wrong...
Fields, Clipboard, entity characters...

on pastekey
  imagine easy script to fix a 4 year old problem...
end pastekey

I just keep adding to HotKeyNO2 all the missing features of rev ;)


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Yesterday i was BATTLING against a stack who wouldn't copy paste information
from a field to ultraedit... I tried all keyboard combos, and even the menu
- just i wouldn't copy anything... maybe it's due to the environment i run
this into: it runs on a windows 2003 server which has 4 metaframes opened,
4-8 RDP windows (terminal services), Notes (biggest crap mail client you
could find in the galaxy), and FireFox (who doesn't know how to copy paste
any better...). I managed to make this work via a button: select text of fld
x, copy!

So why doesn't the menu or keycombos work?

Today, when i copy the line from any program

emcacl \\server\fs$\userprog\xxxxxxx /t /c /y /q /g "SYSTEM":F

and paste it into a field (or scripteditor) and what i get is:

emcacl \\\\$\\/t /c /y /q /g "SYSTEM":F "OAAD\":C

Tested in Rev 2.6, Metacard 2.62...

3rd bugzilla entry today... Rev should sponsor those who do their
beta-testing - but i get the feeling this is an persistent problem ;)

The big question: Is this in windows only? 

I'd like to see if any of you Mac users also have this problem before i
enlarge further the zilla list ;)

If this was a compiler problem, how many sins would it imply? ;D


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