AppleScript - Silent Running?

Peter Reid preid at
Thu Sep 22 03:16:12 EDT 2005

>Just did a few simple tests, yes it can be scripted while minimized. There
>were a few things I had to do when scripting a hidden window that I do not
>have to do when scripting a minimized window, so this looks like a good
>>  I used to use FMkr to export data called by Applescripts, but user interface
>>  was no concern since this was a server.
>Doubtful. There is no way to get data from FileMaker Server, assuming  you
>are talking about days before Filemaker 7. Maybe you're just talking about
>Filemaker client with nobody operating it.
>>  Does the FMkr database have to be on the same Mac?  Being frontmost will not
>>  be an issue in that case.
>That is probably doable.

I have done some more experiments and found that most of my 
AppleScripts work fine when hidden and without 'activate'.  The 
exception is when I open the database initially.  So I now use the 
following AppleScript for the purpose:

    tell application "FileMaker Pro 7"
       open file "THE-DATABASE-PATH"
    end tell

    tell application "Finder"
       set visible of application process "FileMaker" to false
    end tell

This opens FileMaker and the required database and then uses the 
Finder to hide FM Pro.  From then on all my other AppleScripts 
accessing FM Pro operate silently, with no obvious activity from FM 

By the way, the method I use with AppleScripting is to have a text 
file containing all the scripts which is loaded into an array at 
start time such that each script is a separate element indexed by 
script name.

If anyone is interested in my FM Pro scripting and the associated Rev 
scripting, then contact me off list for a copy.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions.
Peter Reid
Reid-IT Limited, Loughborough, Leics., UK
E-mail: preid at

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