AppleScript - Silent Running?

Peter Reid preid at
Tue Sep 20 14:50:12 EDT 2005

>Geoff Canyon:
>You could use the built-in web interfaces. I believe FileMaker can 
>supply HTML or XML. This has the advantage of being "silent" as you 
>say, and cross-platform.

With v7 FileMaker Pro standard edition no longer supports HTML/XML 
nor the older CDML.  You have to buy one of the expensive version to 
get this functionality!

>Bruce Robertson:
>FileMaker 7 comes with free xDBC connectivity out of the box, though there
>are updaters which you should get at the FileMaker download page.

I tried this before moving to AppleScript and couldn't get it to 
work.  I couldn't connect to the FM Pro database using other tools, 
not just Rev!  I did send an e-mail to the list to ask for advice 
about getting Rev to access FM Pro using ODBC but got no replies.  I 
believe Daniel Wenger had also asked for help with this on this list 
and got no replies either!  This is why both he and I independently 
decided to use AppleScript instead.  If someone can give us full 
details of how to use ODBC with Rev and FM Pro under OS X 
Panther/Tiger, I'd be delighted to give it a try!

>  > I use AppleScript to send "hide yourself" to FM Pro whenever
>  > possible, but this doesn't help when I'm trying to access the
>  > database since I have to start my AppleScripts with 'activate'.
>Bruce Robertson:
>Not true.

Er, what's "not true" - that you're forced to see FM Pro do its stuff 
when using AppleScript or that you need "activate" at the start of 
each script?  I'm happy to believe the latter isn't required, but I 
don't think it helps since if this is left out I still see FM Pro 
screens flashing away.  However, I'm fairly convinced of the former!


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