AppleScript - Silent Running?

Bruce Robertson bfr at
Tue Sep 20 12:22:30 EDT 2005

> I'm using AppleScript to access a local FileMaker Pro 7 database
> under OS X 10.3/10.4 from my Rev stack.  This works fine except
> there's an awful lot of "screen flashing" going on - i.e. every time
> I use some AppleScript to access the FM Pro database, FM Pro becomes
> visible and is the front application.  The user sees my Rev window
> initially, then flashes of the FM Pro user interface and finally the
> Rev window again!
> I use AppleScript to send "hide yourself" to FM Pro whenever
> possible, but this doesn't help when I'm trying to access the
> database since I have to start my AppleScripts with 'activate'.

Not true. 

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