AppleScript - Silent Running?

Peter Reid preid at
Tue Sep 20 06:47:52 EDT 2005

I'm using AppleScript to access a local FileMaker Pro 7 database 
under OS X 10.3/10.4 from my Rev stack.  This works fine except 
there's an awful lot of "screen flashing" going on - i.e. every time 
I use some AppleScript to access the FM Pro database, FM Pro becomes 
visible and is the front application.  The user sees my Rev window 
initially, then flashes of the FM Pro user interface and finally the 
Rev window again!

I use AppleScript to send "hide yourself" to FM Pro whenever 
possible, but this doesn't help when I'm trying to access the 
database since I have to start my AppleScripts with 'activate'.

Can anyone suggest a way of accessing the FM Pro database silently, 
i.e. with no screen activity from FM Pro itself?

By the way, I've ended up using AppleScript to interface with FM Pro 
as I failed to get a free ODBC solution for OS X (Panther & Tiger). 
Can anyone suggest a free (or very low cost) workable ODBC solution 
for FM Pro 7, or any other connection technology or approach?!.


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