ANN my wee hide fields stack; Usefull for newbies I hope.

rev at rev at
Sat Sep 17 12:16:53 EDT 2005

Hi All.

I've been playing with a method of hiding fields. I wanted to hide the fields
dependant on a keypress. Then I thouhgt "how will the user know if the field is
to be deleted"? Have a play and I hope it is usefull. It is in my userspace
"nijinsky"  on revonline.

How it works.....
Put the cursor in the top field and press control and right click the mouse.
This turns the field red. Now I have a script that will hide the field "only"
if the field is red by pressing thte delete key. To get rid of the red press
the escape key. Now the delete key wont make the field disapear. :-) Both the
fields have slightly different scripts for you to compare.

There is also a button that will make the fields reapear.

Now there is another thing that you may find usefull in the top field's script.
It only works if the mainstack is doubledelete. So open another stack and
change the mainstak of doubledelete to the mainstack of your other app. The top
button wont respond.

This would be usefull if you are making an app with some functions only
available to an administrator etc.

Hope you enjoy and thankd to the helpers, in alphabetical order... Alex, Dave,
Klaus etc etc.


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