Copy image content for object image empty. (Image moving)

Gilberto Cuba Ricardo gilbert at
Fri Sep 16 20:18:27 EDT 2005


> you can simply put one image into another one :-)
> But this only works with imported images, NOT with referenced images!

I understand this.

> on mouseUp
>    put image "img01" into image "Visor" ##of cd 17 of stack "another  cool 
> stack"
> end mouseUp

This works to the a thousand marvels. Thanks.

> This is a little less scripting and you do not have to take care that  the 
> dimensions

As you spoke of the dimensions I stayed thinking and when carrying out a 
code I found a detail that   I wanted to be able to clarify.

I made the following script in the image.

on mouseUp
    lock screen
    put image "img01" of stack "myStack" into image "Visor"
    set the width of image "Visor" to 200
    set the height of image "Visor" to 200
    unlock screen
end mouseUp

And it happens that when I press the click in the image, the image goes 
moving up in a position and me the only thing that I make is to change their 

Why does this happen?

I don't have neither the smallest idea.

> of both images are identical(!) as you have with "imagedata".
> Hope that heps.

Yes and thanks you.

>> Greetings,
>> Gilberto Cuba
> Regards from germany
> Klaus Major
> klaus at


My name is Gilberto Cuba and I live in Cuba.

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