highlight and hide field from standalone

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Fri Sep 16 08:54:39 EDT 2005

Hi Bob,

> Hi Klaus
> Ok I thought of another thing.
> I'm playing with this one.... It seems quite nice. IMHO :-)
> On mouseup whgichone
> global field2delete
> if the controlkey is down then
>    if whichone = 3 then
> put "xyz" into field2delete
> set the bordercolor of fld field2delete to "red"
> --this should make the border red but it does not???
> --Q? any idea what the edge of a field is called? I tried changing  
> all the
> --colours to red without any luck

See below...

>          end if
> else exit to top
> end mouseup
> -- so pressing the right key when control is down puts the field  
> into the
> --variable
> on deletekey
> global field2delete
> if the bordercolor of fld feld2delete is "red" then
> hide fld field2delete
> end deletekey
> --deletes the field only if the border is red :-)
> on escapekey
> set the bordercolor of fld field2delete to empty
> end escapekey
> --escape key clears the border colour so the delete key wont work :-)
> But now the problem I cant see the edge of the field being red but  
> I can see it
> red in the object inspector. What is the boundary of a field  
> cazlled if it is
> not the border colour?

the (border-)color will only appear when you set the "threeD" of that  
field to false.
But then you have this simple and butt-ugly "flat" border :-/

> Cheers
> Bob


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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