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 If you find someone please let me know.
  We have been converting our HyperCard business system to Rev for over 
three years! It has taken so long because Rev still doesn't do some of 
the things we take for granted in HC. Reports is an example, Rev still 
doesn't do reporting (among other problems, Quartam Reports won't 
handle scrolling fields!) - HC and 9 to 5 Reports was a much better 
combination. If your system is multi-user, there are another set of 
 Anyway, we're working on it.
  Incidentally our most popular business system is for rentals. In your 
neighborhood it is used by All Valley in Granada Hills, A-Rental 
Connection in Canoga Park, Agoura Rentals in Agoura and 
Palmdale/Lancaster, A+ in North Hills, Jim's One Stop in Sunland, and 
SCVRC in Saugus. We are in San Dimas. I just returned from New Jersey 
where I spent a week with one of our customers, Magical Enterprises, 
the largest bounce rental company on the East Coast. They have been 
using our system for about ten years.
  You might consider joining the So Cal Rev Dev Con which meets 
"semi-monthly" - ususally at 4th World in downtown LA. You could meet 
Richard Gaskin our host and programmer extraordinare, as well as many 
of the local Rev Gurus, and Ken Ray regularly flies in from Wisconsin. 
Let me know if you are interested, I believe I could prevail on Mr. 
Gaskin to invite you.
 Paul Looney
  PS Don't panic at the prospect of a three year conversion. Our system 
consists of 43 interactive stacks, over 100 reports, and 11 plugins. It 
is multi-user and very powerful - the orders stack alone has over 150 
fields and over 150 buttons. We have found that simple conversions can 
be done quite simply.
  If you wish to chat about things HyperCard, give me a call 

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 I've got a medium sized project based on a Rinaldi ridden HC stack that
  essentially runs my business from order processing, driver routing, 
 management, affiliate accounts, to contract and reports printing.

  I have a spec to combine with the HC stack with a few added "widgets" 
 terms of conveying what I need; so the difficult part is done!

  Please only respond if you're truly qualified to do this project and 
  time in your schedule. I typically don't want to be your smallest or 
 project, I'm not looking to be neglected or a guinea pig.

 Thank you,
 Jeff Roberts
 Awesome Bounce!
 661 257-4086 x101
 jeff at

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