slooooowww typing in fields

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Tue Sep 13 15:03:11 EDT 2005

Hi Mariele,

>Hi Tim,
>>Sometimes it works okay. At other times, there's a short delay from 
>>keyboard to screen. Sometimes the delay gets longer and longer, 
>>until the thing is just useless. <snip>  Quitting and restarting 
>>Rev usually helps. Whether I'm inserting text into the middle of a 
>>paragraph versus typing at the end of the field seems to make a 
>Similar behaviour here (ibook g4). When this happens, I save, close 
>revolution and restart. This usually does the trick.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. This is less than a gigantic issue, 
but it's more than trivial. It's a frequent inconvenience, at least 
for me, probably for some other users.

>>Bg and stack scripts are one giant scrolling field, it appears. The 
>>same thing happens sometimes, but not always, when working in a bg 
>>or stack script with lots of handlers, lots of text.
>Yep, that happens too.
>Note you can always check how busy your computer is processing
>applications (that is the %CPU) using the "top" command in the unix 
>terminal. Even when not in use, Revolution takes a large amount of 
>CPU. (in contrast with most applications, which go back to zero or 
>about when in the background).

I don't know how to use the unix terminal, but I have a GUI utility 
that tells me that stuff.

When idle, Rev uses up to 90% of my CPU, depending on the number and 
size of the stacks open, and if any of the scripts periodically send 
messages somewhere. If one small, simple stack is open, it approaches 
0% usage. It shares the CPU nicely with other CPU-intensive apps, and 
nothing seems to bog down simply because Rev is sharing the CPU. 
Besides, this occurs when no other applications are running.

I have looked at my CPU and RAM usage utility during text-bog-down. 
Nothing looks unusual, but I might have missed something.

Apparently this is not a rare phenomenon. Is it Macintosh only, or 
does it happen on Windows or Linux machines, too?

Come to think of it, on many occasions, I've seen Rev text bog down 
in a small, non-scrolling field, containing 20 characters or less.

No doubt, many of the list's tech savvy subscribers understand this 
phenomenon. What's going on? Is there a preventive measure or a way 
to make Rev behave without quitting Rev?

I just looked through Bugzilla. Searching for "text" produced a lot 
of reports. I looked them over, but I don't see any recent ones that 
resemble this issue. It's not necessarily a bug anyway, I guess. It 
might be an unavoidable consequence of the way Rev works. I dunno.



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