Gradient Fills in WinXP - Revisited!

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Hi Josh

check out my excellent utility GradientsNO2...


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Subject: Gradient Fills in WinXP - Revisited!

I have exhaustively searched the archived posts for information on gradient
fills. A few posts made references to creating a gradient fill via
scripting. I am a novice Rev programmer and do not claim to be a
mathematician so I am having a tough time with this problem.

Basically, I have a rectangle graphic generated with a red fill. I want to
change this solid fill from plain red to a gradient of Red to Orange. 
Example: Bottom color of rectangle would be an RGB value of Red: 255,0,0 and
the top color would end with Orange: 255,128,0. Is there a way to possibly
make the gradient fill in this rectangle using Rev to generate the graphic
rectangle? Also, this will only be used on WinXP and images aren't an option
at the present time for creating gradient fills.

As always, I appreciate the assistance I receive from the group. Someday in
the near future I will graduate from asking questions to answering questions
in this forum.



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