Unicode Font Woes

ron barber rbarber at yhb.att.ne.jp
Mon Sep 12 14:26:33 EDT 2005

Are you selecting the text and then changing the font from the font 
menu? This will not work with Unicode text. Try explicitly setting the 
textfont to "Kalyani,Unicode"

setting the font of unicode text from the menu does not work in its 
current form. Someone please prove me wrong.


On Sep 11, 2005, at 9:11 PM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> No one responded to my earlier query on Tamil font. Let me try again, 
> simpler:
> Platform: OSX
> I have a field with unicode Tamil script,  I enter a single 
> characater, it defaults to InaiMathi Tamil font, which is in the Apple 
> system. I select the character and change it to a different Unicode 
> Tamil font, (Kalyani)  it shows two square boxes for each of the two 
> bytes instead of the proper glyph from the Kalyani font.
> If I type the same character in BBEdit or InDesign, select it and 
> switch to Kalyani, the proper glyph is displayed. But not in Rev... if 
> I query frorm the msg "put the textfont of char 1 to 2..." I get 
> "Kalyani,unicode"  if I query "put the charToNum of char 1 to 2 of fld 
> "tamil Script" I get 2965: which *is* indeed the correct unicode, code 
> point for this Tamil character... but the glyph for the character is 
> not displayed!
> OK, I cut and past the two chars from Rev into BBEdit... and I get a 
> weird character. using "Re-open using Encoding" and select Unicode, 
> UTF-16 and presto, those two characters that I copied from rev appear 
> as Kalyani in BBEdit...
> So before I bugzilla this... I just want to be very sure I'm not 
> missing something.
> Fishing in the dark here: is Rev not capable of displaying Unicode 
> UTF-16 characters? These are openType true type fonts... I true some 
> other .otf fonts... roman... they all display correctly
> Sivakatirswami
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