Problems with streaming audio

Howard Bornstein howard.bornstein at
Sun Sep 11 14:47:34 EDT 2005

On 9/11/05, Mark Talluto <userev at> wrote:

> It only happens with true streaming content.  You could
> get around this by posting the audio files to a web server and have
> your player check the server for new content.  Then have them
> download the audio file and play it.  That would be a very reliable
> solution.
> Mark Talluto

Unfortunately, the dispatch information streams in real-time and
members need to hear it in real-time. So I'm not saving, and it
wouldn't make sense to save, audio files for later posting.

It's not clear to me from your comments and from bug 1239 whether your
problems streaming in Rev were that you couldn't hear the stream at
all or whether the start player command didn't work. I can receive a
stream apparently with no problem but I can't seem to do it using
Transcript control. Can you comment on this?


Howard Bornstein

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