RunRev & PDAs

Alex Shaw alex at
Sun Sep 11 10:53:15 EDT 2005


Would love to see a pocketpc version of rev..

I've owned a pocketpc (xda iis) for a while and only really developed 
flash stuff for it (talking thru wifi to a rev server) and the platform 
has so much potential yet there are few development frameworks around 
(for pocketpc) which match our beloved rev.

I know it's still a microsoft system but at least it's future is not as 
uncertain as palm.

btw. anyone got a linux-based pda? what are they like?

ps. where can i put a vote down for a rev/pocketpc engine? :)


>>>Can a RunTime be targeted for a PocketPC?
>>Not currently, but there has been talk about making a PocketPC version of
> THis would be wonderful and I would certainly pay a great deal for an
> upgrade. Indeed, the best market is the smartphone market; granted it is the
> most flexible, however it is huge.

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