Sudden Crash and loss of saved data (About purge stack on close)

MisterX b.xavier at
Sat Sep 10 02:07:50 EDT 2005

> I also think that the 2 boxes "purge stack on close" and 
> "purge window on close" were wrongly unticked and I must have 
> answered wrongly to the request to save or purge...
> I would love more explanations about (in the stack inspector):

> - buffer display
I dont know why it's an option, without it you get flicker and even with it,
a pre-loaded image wont be updated in a stack that was open previous to the
media containing stack - not until the stack is reopened. Always keep it

> - purge stack on close
> - purge window on close
This can be confusing but it is a safegard. Where it helps though to set
those to false is for palettes, and stacks[inuse] that you might open a
close within a session... But it doesn't prevent loosing the stack from the
stacksinuse list... but it's good to know... Keep it on for stacks you work
in, dont for palettes... That's more or less the guideline.

> Also would it help if I tick "can't delete" in the stack inspector?

not really. It doesn't prevent "forgetting to save" or overwriting the
file... it only prevents the "command" delete stack from working...

> What is the quickest/best way to abort a script which is 
> wrong?  (in my case the crash made all windows of Revolution 
> disappear instantly but I might need it in the future)

press command period (Mac) or control C (PC) to abort a loop. 

Another way is to put in a safeguard condition (if ...) in your loop. Note,
if your loop is really small and your PC too fast, it may not abort. A
condition like 'if the shiftkey is down then exit to top or breakpoint' can

> thanks a lot Xavier, Mark and Dan for your feedback Alcy

Always a pleasure ;)


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