Sudden Crash and loss of saved data (About purge stack on close)

Alcy alcy.runrev1 at
Sat Sep 10 01:35:52 EDT 2005

Thanks a lot Xavier,
I think the crash happened because of the wrong data in an image or bad 
image manipulation..
I have recovered everything with hard work all night this time and will 
be more careful now.

I also think that the 2 boxes "purge stack on close" and "purge window 
on close" were wrongly unticked and I must have answered wrongly to the 
request to save or purge...
I would love more explanations about (in the stack inspector):
- buffer display
- purge stack on close
- purge window on close

Also would it help if I tick "can't delete" in the stack inspector?
What is the quickest/best way to abort a script which is wrong?  (in my 
case the crash made all windows of Revolution disappear instantly but I 
might need it in the future)

thanks a lot Xavier, Mark and Dan for your feedback

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