ANN: Line shaper

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Wed Sep 7 10:34:34 EDT 2005

I have always wondered about the feasibility of a "shaper" graphic tool.

By "shaper" tool I mean a circular graphic which may be used to nudge 
a graphic line to conform locally to the shaper. That is, as the 
circle moves against the line, the line conforms to the circular 
shape of the shaper.

Imagine a string lying of a flat surface. Slide a circular disk into 
the string. The string will be deformed to the shape of the disk. 
(Well, not quite. The length of the sting is fixed; the length of the 
Rev graphic line is not fixed. Instead the number of graphic  points 
is fixed. It might be interesting to try to keep the length of the 
graphic line fixed.)

This works by "pushing" the graphic points ahead of the shaper. (You 
can see this by making the Marker Points visible.)

This tool works poorly when the graphic points become widely 
separated. For most purposes, the bezier tools still work best for 
constructing lines with a complex shape. But some may find the shaper 
useful in some situations.

In the message box run the following:

go stack url """


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