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Tue Sep 6 22:14:17 EDT 2005

On Sep 6, 2005, at 6:15 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, Alan Simon  wrote:
>> Doesn't Rev -require- quicktime to be installed to show video clips?
>> That was my impression from the documentation.
> On Macs, yes, because that's pretty much the default technology  
> available,
> and it is true that the player object is optimized for QuickTime.   
> But on
> Windows it is possible to use whatever default media technology is  
> installed
> (usually Windows Media Player) by setting the dontUseQT to true.  The
> drawback is you don't get as much control over playback as you do  
> using
> QuickTime.  Note that you can also import video into a stack as a  
> videoClip.

One clarification here.  If QT is not installed or if dontUseQT is  
set to true then the player object reverts to using the "Media  
Controller Interface" (MCI) on Windows.  Windows Media Player does  
not use MCI to play media so WiMP will play many files that Rev will  

If you want to know if a file format is supported by MCI then try  
opening it with Microsoft Media Player (Start->Run->mplay32.exe on  
Windows 2000 > and Start->Run->mplayer.exe on Win98, etc.)  Microsoft  
Media Player uses MCI to play media so if the file opens correctly in  
this program it should open in Rev as well.

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