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Phil Davis davis.phil at
Tue Sep 6 20:26:59 EDT 2005

I know very little about this topic, but I wonder if it would also help 
to send batches of emails from different computers (each of which is 
pulling its names from the same stack)?

Phil Davis

Sarah Reichelt wrote:
> On 9/7/05, J. Landman Gay <jacque at> wrote:
>>I told a friend I would try to help him set up a little database that
>>sends email to a list of opt-in customers. To begin with there will only
>>be a few names, but he is hoping that business will grow and there will
>>be a few thousand eventually. I thought I'd just set up a simple stack
>>that uses the excellent libSMTP to send the emails.
>>To protect each customer's privacy, we'd prefer that emails are sent out
>>individually, or else in some way that doesn't display the other email
>>addresses. That means we can't use CC lists. We could use BCC instead
>>but then the recipient's name wouldn't be in the "To" field and some
>>spam filters might block it.
>>If we send each email individually it could conceivably take a long time
>>when the list gets larger, and spewing a lot of email at once could
>>trigger an ISP's spammer alert. Does anyone know how many emails it
>>takes before you look like a spammer?
>>What's the best way to handle a private mailing like this?
> I agree that the best way to avoid spam filters is to use individual
> emails which can include a personalised greeting as well as showing
> the recipient in the "To" field. Make sure the "From" includes a real
> name as well as the email address e.g.
>   From: John Smith <john.smith at>
> rather than
> From: john.smith at
> When testing, have the program send an email to you and to some
> testers and get them to check the raw source and see what spam status
> has been allocated to the email and why. That way you can re-structure
> the email to minimize the likelihood of it being thought spam.
> As regards trying to avoid looking like a spammer, I don't know how
> this is triggered, but from what I have read, these spammers can send
> out 30,000 emails an hour or something ridiculous. I reckon that if
> you split it up so that you sent a bunch, waited a few minutes and
> sent another bunch, it would be more reliable and less likely to be
> misinterpreted. Also, if the email content doesn't trigger any spam
> filters, that has got to look better.
> HTH,
> Sarah
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