SpellNO2 - Preview and call for testers

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Tue Sep 6 06:28:08 EDT 2005

Hi everyone,
The RunRev or MetaCard Spell Checker is now almost finished... 
I need to optimize the suggestions suggesting function, add some wait-room
displays with interesting magazines when loading or suggesting, make sure
every button does what it's supposed to... But it's otherwise ready!
This handy stack is called SpellNO2 
Here's a screenshot!
SpellNO2 works as both a palette or stack (no problem with overlapping
windows), no need for plugin stuff, just open it, select what you want to
check, click on check and get text fixed in no time!
Unlike most other spellcheckers i've seen, the window is resizeable and can
be dragged around from anywhere!
There's more than 600 000 words in English, internet definition lookups,
thesaurus, net-resource searches, and much more coming!
It checks each word correctly (not the for-each-word stuff), it suggests
corrections, learns and corrects them and im pretty happy about it! It
finally started working today - despite a horrible cold, 3 different
dictionary scheme rewrites, crashes due to a stupid algorithm using regex,
more wait-locks without any explanation - what a way to start a 2 week
vacation! 2 days later than expected and possibly another day before i
release a demo... 
Ah yes, it also checks the clipboard, fields, selections, files and more
types of check to come
I need a couple good testers with Mac, XP, Linux machines to get some visual
feedback and possibly some features ironed out that i might have missed.
This is not the final stack - im just making a safe testbed platform to
create many more options based on this... Testers will be seeded in the
coming days with a constant flow of updates. 
Now, the serious question: either this will be a freeware or a licenced-ware
(something around 25 Euros/30 USD)... BUT, if there are enough donations
coming on Monsieurx.com, i will release it for free with no restrictions. 
The money will solely be used to pay for the website and rev updates - im in
a serious deficit in rev profits/released titles - so hopefully new goodies
for the community will foster some interest in the power of free and
opensource software sponsored by the community? 
To include this checker in your commercial software releases, im sure some
kind of arrangement can be made... 
The testers will get a free license. Available only to the top three bug
reporters (from version x to release 1.x) ;)
Dont let the others wait! Write back, contribute to my paypal or propose
something cool! This stack was inspired by your propositions and it's a
serious addition to the features in your daily Rev toolset at a very
reasonable price!
Time to give the GUI a second polish and net updates and some new secret
features  ;)

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